VIRAL: Hardworking PWD inspires netizens, earns praises

These photos show a person with disability (PWD) who inspired netizens and earned praises on social media for working hard for his family.

In the picture collage, the unidentified man is seen plowing a rice field using a hand tractor, harvesting rice, and carrying a sack of rice, among other farm chores.

It appears that the legs of the PWD, whose name and address remain unknown as of this posting, have been amputated, but in spite of his physical impairement, he works hard for the welfare of his loved ones.

This should encourage us to be thankful that our body parts are complete.

This good man also serves as a role model and inspiration for PWDs everywhere and a reminder for everyone that having a disability is not an excuse for anyone to become lazy or useless.

The photo collage, which was uploaded by controversial and severely-bashed Facebook personality Rosemarie Bahinting, also known as "Shane Marie," "Rosemarie Catidral" and "Hanna Nicole Sy Bahinting," got more than 18,600 likes, over 32,800 shares and almost a thousand comments as of 12:45 p.m. today.