VIDEO: MMDA traffic enforcer demands money from driver

An MMDA traffic enforcer was caught on video demanding money from a driver in order for him to void the latter's traffic violation ticket.

According to a Facebook page, the video was taken by Rochelle Lising, reportedly a member of the famous dance group G-Force.

In it, the driver is seen talking to the MMDA traffic enforcer who flagged him down for "passing a red light" (running a red light) along Blumentritt Street in Manila.

At first, the traffic enforcer allegedly asked for P2,000 but later agreed to get paid P260 only after the driver and his companion negotiated for the reason that they don't have enough money as they had just bought items essential for the puppies of their pet dog.

Here's the video:

MMDA traffic enforcer nagpasilaw sa 260 pesos [ June 20, 2015 ]Location: Blumentritt ManilaUmandar kami at sigurado...

Posted by Kupal Lord on Saturday, June 20, 2015

The uploader wished that the MMDA traffic enforcer's children could watch the video so they won't follow their father's misdeed.