Sexy woman burns dog alive with blowtorch

A sexy woman is shown burning a dog alive with a blowtorch in a viral video that has drawn anger mostly from animal lovers around the world.

The video of the brutality was uploaded on YouTube earlier this month. It gained more attention after some Facebook pages grabbed and reposted it over the weekend.

In it, a beautiful woman wearing high heels and a revealing black dress is seen holding a blowtorch and applying the flame to a dog, the feet of which appeared to be tied with a rope.

While the animal can be seen struggling to free itself, the culprit smiles as she poses for the camera.

It's unclear if the dog really died. The description of the video written in Portuguese only says the roughly one-minute clip had a big impact on social media.

According to a report aired Monday, June 15, on ABS-CBN's morning show "Umagang Kay Ganda" (UKG), the Philippine Animal Welfare Society or PAWS is checking the source of the video and verifying whether or not the torching happened in the country.

A representative of the group said incidents of animal cruelty continue to exist because only a few have been punished for lack of witnesses who would testify against persons responsible for the crime.