SCANDAL: Leo Gonzales III poser dupes furious netizens

It's clear that a poser of Leo Gonzales III, the call center worker who offered a job to a single mom in exchange for sex, has duped netizens.

After screenshots of the text conversation between the real Leo Gonzales III and his prospect went viral Friday, the man of the hour immediately deactivated his Facebook account - the biggest mistake he ever made during the darkest time of his life.

A very smart individual took advantage of the situation by creating a Facebook page titled "Leo Gonzales III" and making money from it.

With obvious intentions to grab attention and fuel anger among netizens sympathetic to the single mother, the poser has uploaded photos of the real Leo Gonzales III with sarcastic facial expressions.

He also curses bashers and boasts of scandalous selfie images of his supposed victims.

What most of his critics do not know is that the poser earns from the traffic generated via the links posted on the bogus Facebook page, which redirect clickers to an adult site with pop-up ads.

The faces of men doing intimate, private acts with different beautiful women in the scandal videos that are found on the site have no resemblance whatsoever to that of Leo Gonzales III.

As curious social media users and haters of the business process outsourcing (BPO) company employee continue searching for his profile or page, the fake Leo Gonzales III rakes hundreds if not thousands of dollars of revenue, thanks to unsuspecting viewers.