Radio anchor berates, threatens Cebu traffic enforcer

A Cebu-based media practitioner is in hot-water after a traffic enforcer secretly captured a video recording of their verbal confrontation.

This stemmed from a violation committed by a motorist identified as AM radio blocktimer Roger Cimafranca, who had two passengers on his motorcycle, both of whom were not wearing crash helmets as required by law.

Lyndon Lito Ocampo, a traffic enforcer from the Cebu City Traffic Management Coordination Committee (CITOM), flagged down the mediaman on May 20 at the South Road Properties in Cebu City for overloading.

The CITOM enforcer started to record when he sensed that Cimafranca is getting irate and began dropping names and insulting him.

The video of the incident, which was posted on June 3 by a certain Brian Rollo, has gone viral on Facebook.

In the video, the radio announcer (speaking in Cebuano) can be heard blatantly saying he isn't afraid of Ocampo nor the LTO, essentially bragging to the traffic enforcer that he is untouchable.

Cimafranca, who claimed that he is connected with radio station DYLA Cebu, even threatened the traffic enforcer to have him transferred and to fight him until he loses his job.

Ocampo maintained his composure despite the threats and insults thrown at him by the radio anchor and was heard as saying he was only doing his job.

Following the incident, DYLA issued the following statement through social media saying it would bar the radio announcer from attacking the traffic enforcer on-air:

To those who are asking about Mr. Roger's the statement from our station manager Jun Tagalog:

Mr. Roger Cimafranca is a blocktimer in radio station dyLA. This means that he is paying for his two timeslots every Saturday from 3PM to 4PM and from 7PM to 8PM. In short he is not a staff of dyLA and the latter does not have any employer-employee relationship with Mr. Cimafranca. As a blocktimer over dyLA, the management’s authority over him is limited to the way he should handle his programs and to make sure that he meets the requirements of the KBP Broadcast Code to be allowed to handle a radio program.

As a program host, he has been handling his programs professionally and he is also a duly licensed broadcaster of the KBP. With all honestly, dyLA does not have any problem with him. However, the video that showed on how he berated, warned and insulted a traffic enforcer after he was apprehended for a simple traffic violation was really a surprise to me. I was forced to view it after I received a lot of text messages, private messages and calls asking me about Mr. Cimafranca. What he did to the traffic enforcer was a plain and simple abuse of his access to the dyLA microphones. dyLA condemns in the strongest possible terms of such abuse of Mr. Cimafranca and will never condone such shameful act.

Henceforth, the dyLA management will not allow Mr. Cimafranca to use his upcoming programs to continue to berate, warn and insult the concerned traffic enforcer."

Netizens praised Ocampo for handling the situation with a cool head. DYLA has also reported that the traffic enforcer will not file charges against the radio blocktimer.

The video has now gained more than 112,000 views as of this writing.