Prank gone wrong: Viral video annoys netizens

This viral video featuring a street vagrant prank that went wrong because it was done in the wrong place annoyed netizens on social media.

Posted on June 5 by the Super Heroes in Training Facebook page, the 54-second clip has more than 2,900 likes, 5,600 shares, and over 254,000 views as of 1 p.m. today.

The caption reads: "o saan kau ngayun? yan kasi mahilig mang Discriminate [sic]"

In the video, taken from "Prankista" which was featured on GMA-7's "Sunday Night Box Office" (SNBO) last November, a prankster pretended to be a vagrant who wants to enter a bank.

A security guard asked him to leave because he was blocking the door. To get the security guard's attention further, the actor even lied down on the step of a stairway in the bank's premises.

When the guard again confronted him, the street dweller walked away, pulled a remote car key from his pocket then got into a convertible, much to the surprise of the security personnel.

o saan kau ngayun? yan kasi mahilig mang Discriminate

Posted by Super Heroes in Training. on Thursday, June 4, 2015

Social media users said they did not find the prank entertaining.

Netizen Coco Catampongan pointed out that there was no discrimination involved because the security guard was only doing his job. He said it's normal for them to treat everyone as suspects for security reasons.

Efren Madrigal Jr. commented that the prank was not funny, but insulting to security guards.

Some followers of the page said the prank should have been done in a mall or restaurant and not in a bank.