Man offers single mom a job in exchange for sex

A man from a business process outsourcing (BPO) company is in hot water after he allegedly offered a job to a single mom in exchange for sex.

The suspect identified as Leo contacted the job searcher, a high school graduate who currently works as part-time private secretary/encoder, when the latter posted on a Facebook page Wednesday that she needs a full-time/regular job.

At first, Leo told the mother of three to go to their office on Friday and said he wants a "kiss and hug" as her "treat" to him when she's already hired.

But before she applies, Leo said he wanted to personally meet her at Sta. Lucia Mall. The job searcher declined, but the suspect continued to convince her.

The conversation came to a point that the suspect said he wanted the job searcher to "gift wrap" herself for him. By that time, she already sensed Leo's hidden agenda and frankly told him that her only interest is to get employed, nothing else.

On Friday, the single mother posted screenshots of their conversation, as follows:

After the conversation, the suspect blocked the job searcher on Facebook.

When the issue became a trending topic, Leo posted on his Facebook account to explain his side. His account was no longer available as of noontime Friday but netizens were able to capture a screenshot of his post.

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H/T: Jason Anton