'Laglag Barya Gang' modus operandi captured on video

A smartphone video has captured the modus operandi of a "Laglag Barya Gang" in Cebu. Watch how the suspects do it so you would be aware.

YouTube user "astig tao" said the incident took place last Friday, June 12, inside the jeepney with route number 13C passing Talamban to Colon and vice versa (route map and other details here).

In the description, the uploader said that the notorious group, locally called "Hulog Piso Gang," has four members.

In the video, an unidentified female passenger is sitting in between three men. Suspect number 1 acted like he accidentally dropped a coin taken from his pocket.

While suspect number 1 was distracting the victim, suspect number 2 is busy stealing the victim's wallet using his right hand covered by a knapsack.

Suspects 3 and 4 are serving as their back-up and lookout.


According to a netizen, the "Laglag Barya Gang" has been doing their modus operandi around Cebu.

The viral video is expected to be shown Monday night on TV Patrol's "Bayan Mo Ipatrol Mo" segment.