Jiro Manio homeless? Actor roams NAIA for food, clothes

Is Jiro Manio homeless? The multi-awarded actor is reportedly roaming around Ninoy Aquino Int'l Airport (NAIA) to look for food and clothes.

Born Jirō Katakura, the 23-year-old former teen star has been wandering around NAIA Terminal 3 lobby where fastfood restaurants are located, hoping for leftovers, Inquirer.net reported Tuesday.

Airport security guard Frank Sorca, who was able to recognize Manio, reportedly said he felt pity for the actor, whose clothes were dirty and who seemed unable to eat a decent meal.

He reportedly fed Manio and gave him clothes and items for personal hygiene, but the actor only used the clothes, took the food, and refused to bathe.

Other employees chipped in to buy him food.

Screenshot: Inquirer.net article

Asked why he frequents the airport, Manio told Sorca that he left home because he had enemies there. The actor had bruises on his body which he possibly got after being mauled in the streets.

However, the "Magnifico" star has been telling different stories and constantly changes his answers when asked at another time, Sorca shared.

According to the security guard, Jiro doesn't even know he's a celebrity and why he catches attention.

The actor, who underwent rehab for drug abuse in 2011, even said he might just be a look-alike.