'Headless priest' in viral photo edited — Photoshop expert

The "headless priest" seen in a viral photo said to be taken at Molo Church in Iloilo City is a result of Photoshop editing, en expert said.

An "exclusive" report on a blog called The Daily Pedia claims that the photo was sent to them by a netizen, whose name was withheld for dubious reasons. However, popular trending news site Social Trends PH identified the photo sender as one "Tonet P. Beldia" (notice that the family name sounds like Pedia).

Social Trends reports that "Beldia" told The Daily Pedia that the photo was taken by her husband on April 27.

In the photo, a person wearing a brown robe similar to the habit usually worn by friars can be seen "attending Mass" without a head. Some netizens said it's "creepy" and "scary."

Screenshot of The Daily Pedia blog

Well, actually it's funny.

In a report aired Tuesday, June 9, on ABS-CBN's morning show "Umagang Kay Ganda," a Photoshop expert said the picture was digitally altered. He said it was "not a clean cut," making it obviously edited.

A priest reportedly encouraged the faithful not to believe in hoaxes and instead strengthen their relationship with God.