DOH employee convicted over GSIS loan scam

The Office of the Ombudsman announced Thursday it obtained the conviction of a Department of Health (DOH) employee over a GSIS loan scam.

In a 30-page Decision, Acting Judge Acerey Pacheco of the Manila Regional Trial Court (Branch 7) found Ayesa Quirao, a former accounting machine operator of the DOH, guilty beyond reasonable doubt of three counts of Estafa Through Falsification of Public Document and three counts of violation of Section 3(a) of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, and sentenced her to suffer imprisonment of 10 years and one day to 12 years, and six years and one day to 8 years imprisonment, respectively.

The trial court concluded that Quirao forged the Certificates of Loan Remittances (CLR) of complainants Consuelo Delas Alas, Alvin Decena and Ramon De Guzman in order to renew their salary loans from the Government Service and Insurance System (GSIS), and obtained half of the proceeds as commission after facilitating the loan renewals.

OMB prosecutors established that Quirao induced Delas Alas, et al. to apply for salary loan despite their unpaid balances by misrepresenting that she knew someone from the GSIS who can help expedite and approve their salary loan renewals. Documents were presented to establish that Quirao falsified the signature of authorized signatory of CLRs, in order to make it appear that Delas Alas, et al. fully paid their previous loans and thus qualified for loan renewal.

Aside from imprisonment, Quirao was meted out the accessory penalty of perpetual disqualification to hold public office and was ordered to pay a fine of P5,000.00 with subsidiary imprisonment in case of insolvency.

Under GSIS Resolution No. 324, renewal of a loan shall be allowed only after maturity and full payment thereof.