Customers disgusted over resort's 'sexist' rule

Customers on Friday expressed disgust on Facebook over what they call a "sexist" rule of the Agua Caliente Hot Spring Resort in Calamba City.

The resort, which is located in Barangay Pansol of the said city in the province of Laguna, is beautiful, has clean rooms, and according to patrons, the place is complete with billiard tables, videoke machines and nice cottages.

Tourists love everything there... except for one: a rule being described by netizens as "discrimination" and "stereotyping."

Just like many resorts, Agua Caliente has tarpaulins enumerating several "reminders" for its valued customers.

"Reminder" number 8 says:

The Resort reserves the right to REFUSE customers on the following situations:
- ALL MALE customers and/or the number of MALE customers are far GREATER than the number of females with them.

Here's what John Razel Cabungcal has to say about it:

This rule is basically sexist. We came all the way from Manila to Laguna for this fu**ing resort only to get refused by the place just because we're all guys. Their reason!!......."guys causes trouble easily" So like what, guys lang ang pede maging trouble maker? Kaya they only allow all girls party but not guys. That's a messed up rule right there, fu**king UNFAIR!.They didntn even informed us or posted this fucking rule in their website. Dont fucking go here guys! Seriously — at Agua Caliente Hot Spring Resort..Pansol Laguna.

Another customer named KC Cabug-os claimed that the resort refused their group because "there were not enough females."

Friends, if you ever go to Laguna, NEVER stay at "Agua Caliente Hot Spring Resort". They have this sexist rule that they didn't inform us beforehand and we just found out about in once we got here:

8. Right to refuse ALL MALE customers, or if there are more males than females

And they said that it was a policy from the Office of Tourism in Laguna (a quick trip to the next door resort quickly proved that it was not). I dare not think why they would put such a policy here, nor would I speculate why they would only cater if "there were more females/only females".

I would definitely report this. But save your heartache by NOT travelling all the way to Laguna, just to be turned away from the front desk for having a son and not a daughter. — at Agua Caliente Hot Spring Resort..Pansol Laguna.

We tried to reach Agua Caliente by phone to verify this issue.

The resort's cashier, Gemma, confirmed to that they have such a policy.

She said they only accept groups if the number of males is "equal to" or "less than" the females.

H/T: Ritche Awit