Certainly not a Happy Father's Day to this girl's dad

Jamaican-American reggae singer Shaggy has uploaded a photo that makes anyone say: "Certainly not a Happy Father's Day to this girl's dad."

The image, which quickly went viral after he posted it on Father's Day, June 21, features a smiling kid proudly showing off a screw driver she used to write the words "I love MY DAD" on the right doors of his father's car.


Posted by Shaggy on Sunday, June 21, 2015


More than half a million people shared the viral photo and over 1.3 million Facebook users clicked Like.

There are about 69,000 comments posted and we've picked the top 5. Here's what they have to say.

Steve Verlander: "One fathers day he will never forget."

Olivia Palmer: "That's the best Father's Day gift."

Skye Lopez: "Not a happy fathers day to the owner of the car."

Kabungo Bwalya M: "Lol nice1, I would like to see hw mst fathers would react to this 1"

Varun Kodolikar: "If my child ever did this , I would never get mad. A car can be repaired, a bad memory cannot."

Do you agree to what Varun said?