WATCH: Man hurts elderly woman at Cubao terminal

A video that captured a man hurting an elderly woman—believed to be his own mother—at a bus terminal in Cubao is making rounds on Facebook.

According to a report via social media, the incident happened last Thursday, May 21.

In the video, the man is seen mistreating the woman by pushing her shoulder, feet and forehead in a forceful manner.

He then tries to cover her face with a white towel as if he wants her to lie down on the vacant seats. It appears that he got annoyed after the old lady refused to follow instructions.

No one in the terminal confronted the man, not even the person with the camera. At one point, the elderly screamed, apparently crying for help, but nobody paid attention.

Napakasakit sa dibdib na ganto ang makikita mong eksena. Isang matandang babae ang minamaltrato ng kanyang sariling anak.PLEASE SHARE. NAPAKADEMONYO NG TAONG TO DAPAT DYAN MAKULONG!Where: Cubao Terminal Date: 5/21/2015

Posted by Kupal Lord on Friday, May 22, 2015

Netizens who saw the video were furious about how the man treated his own mother.

Some said they want him arrested for his abusive behavior toward an elderly person.

Others criticized the individual who took the video for not taking action besides filming the heartbreaking scene.