WATCH: How to order at McDonalds like a boss

A video that has gone viral online shows a creative way on how to order like a boss at McDonalds or at any fast food outlet for that matter.

A rapper from Fort Lauderdale, Florida has wowed the service crew and customers in a McDonalds outlet in a video that has already garnered 24,302,245 views since it was posted Monday, with an equally big number of shares at 568,864.

The video, taken in an undisclosed McDonalds branch in the United States, begins with rapper Hi-Rez approaching a counter to order two Big Macs then proceeds to showcase his talent.

Check this out:

How To Order Mcdonalds Like A Boss

Posted by Hi-Rez on Sunday, May 3, 2015

It sounds funny that the service crew failed to contain their happiness at the display of vocal prowess and creativity that they were not able to take down what Hi-Rez wanted to order.

Amazed at how surprising the amount of views his video got, the rapper tweeted:

So, take a cue from his creativity. Take out your pen and paper and compose your own unique way to order at your favorite fast food resto.