WATCH: DLSU student robbed by 'Salisi Gang'

A student of the De La Salle University (DLSU) was robbed of over P40,000 worth of laptop and other gadgets by suspected "Salisi Gang" members.

Neil Andrei Durugan shared his unfortunate experience via social media. In a lengthy Facebook post on May 14, the victim said he was eating with friends in a restaurant when the incident happened.

The suspects can be seen in the Tori Box closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage silently stealing his bag. The thieves are still at large.

Here is Durugan's post followed by the video:

Sharing my experience for everyone's sake especially to my schoolmates in DLSU

My blue backpack containing a lot of my valuables (most of them important for school) was stolen by 2 men dressed like students in an establishment meters from DLSU. In the video im the one sa bottom in black/green and im also with 2 other friends eating lunch.

The bag contains:
Laptop (ASUS K55VJ-SX074H) that's worth Php40,000, Laptop charger, phone charger, earphones, clothes, shoes, activity sheets, school stuff and supplies.

I was lucky enough to get my phones, driver's license, and other IDs and bank cards. (Thank You Lord!!!!)

Always be alert and spot everyone around you wherever you guys are kahit sa restaurant pa yan or other sossy place na you feel safe in wherever whenever. Don't be like me. I forgot all about that when i was busy eating....

Feel free share this as well if you feel like it to make everyone else aware of this classic modus

Date: May 13, 2015 - Wednesday
Time of Crime: 12:25-12:27PM
Type: Theft

I am very disappointed though with the staff since they don't know how to handle this kind of situation. It actually took us around 2 hours just to get this CCTV Footage as they were saying that they have to wait for the owner to get to the store before they can access the footages and they even told us that they couldn't promise to give us the footage soon (like wtf?) but nonetheless, we were able to secure it with the help of the security with us from school. We also counted the number of cameras and there were 6.... only 2 were working.

I thank the DLSU Security Office for assisting us (from the start of reporting it to the different security officers around the vicinity, getting them to actually open the cctv footage storage and get a copy of the footage, and reporting it to the authorities) even though the establishment is a private one and wasn't under the jurisdiction of the school. I also thank the Lord for not letting us get harmed.

I would probably not eat in this place ever again.................... (but will still consider take outs)

Almost everyone knows that I am a techy guy and losing my laptop is like losing my life. Everything i worked on in the past 2 years were in there and.... POOF! frown emoticon Somehow i still feel uneasy and i can't compose myself properly since yesterday.... but probably things will get better. God's got this.

To the 2 who stole my bag, I would never curse you and I would definitely forgive you. Whatever your intentions were, i still believe that you had a purpose. Anyone who can do this would probably be this desperate.... May God bless you

P.S. I am in no way mad or angry at the establishment and i take full responsibility of what happened. What fueled me to post this is that a LOT of people were already victims of theft in the place and i believe that it is very alarming. This should create an avenue to realize that there is a need to improve their security and improve the awareness of each worker on how to handle situations like this. Kung walang magrereklamo AT ALL, walang magiging pagbabago."