WATCH: Cockroach loves to stay in guy's mouth

WARNING: You may find this disgusting. This cockroach loves to stay in the guy's mouth. If you think it's gross, do not watch the video.

SPG: kung eto mauso, makikiuso ka ba ??

Posted by Daniel Irish Magbutay on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Shown in the video is Daniel Irish Magbutay, a Filipino teen whose passion is to keep exotic pets, among them a cockroach he calls "Cleo The Ipis."

As you can see, the cockroach crawled from inside his mouth to his left cheek. You might ask, isn't it dirty?

"Cleo," actually, is a Madagascar hissing cockroach, also called hisser, a wingless cockroach specie that can be found in rotting logs. It feeds primarily on fresh vegetables along with any kind of pellet food that is high in protein, so it's assumed to be clean.

According to Wikipedia, some states in the US require permits before this specie can be kept as pet. It's unclear if the Philippines has a similar policy.

Aside from "Cleo The Ipis," Daniel has other exotic pets including a spider and snake. They will be featured in GMA-7's magazine show Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (KMJS) on Sunday, May 17.