VIRAL: Sexy 'tuli nurse' captivates male netizens

Male netizens have been captivated by a sexy nurse whom they called "tuli nurse" as a photo of her assisting in a circumcision mission goes viral.

"Blogger" Niquie Delgado posted the picture of Krestle Lailene Deomampo, a very attractive nurse and model from Davao City, while she was about to "shoot 28 more birds" during a free "Operation: Tuli" at San Pedro National High School.

According to Manila Channel, Deomampo earned admirers, mostly men, many of whom joked that they want to be circumcised again. Some even went as far as pretending to be uncircumcised.

In the Philippines, tuli (circumcision) is a tradition and considered a rite of passage where boys who have not undergone the process are labelled supót and usually face ridicule from their childhood friends or acquaintances.

Delgado, allegedly a poser of Deomampo, posted screenshots of private messages from men expressing their desire to be circumcised again by the "tuli nurse."

For her part, Deomampo is mum about her viral photo. Curious men can follow her but she can no longer accept new friend requests on FB.