Thai national Koko Narak faces deportation charges

Thai national Prasertsri Kosin, also known online as Koko Narak, is facing deportation charges after posting racist remarks against Filipinos.

The Bureau of Immigration has released an official statement saying BI officials issued on Monday a deportation charge for undesirability against Kosin, who has been living and working in the Philippines for three years now.

Previously, we reported that the call center agent suffered an online backlash after posting on Facebook insulting, offensive and derogatory comments against his host country and its citizens.

Besides calling Pinoys "pignoys," "stupid creatures," "a useless race," and "low-class slum slaves," he also said Filipinos are only fit to work as "maids and toilet lickers."

Kosin or Narak apologized only after his employer, business process outsourcing company Cognizant Philippines, reprimanded and penalized him.

"We have already taken steps to address the issue in keeping with our comprehensive and stringent corporate policies. Please be assured that we had initiated our internal interventions to address this matter and Kosin will face the consequences of his action," the BPO company posted on its Facebook account.

"We are one with you in upholding the dignity of Filipinos and/or any nationality or people and we will not tolerate any irresponsible, racist or discriminatory practices," it added.

Despite his apology and possible deportation, Filipino netizens still demand that Prasertsri Kosin a.k.a. Koko Narak be declared persona non grata.