Mermaid sightings in GenSan: Truth revealed

The truth about the sightings of an alleged mermaid in one of the resorts in General Santos City has been revealed in this video from KMJS.

According to Joel Malabon, sales and marketing manager of London Beach Resort, the alleged mermaid brought luck as more tourists visited the place after news about it circulated via social media.

As far as promotion is concerned, he admitted that the viral video was a big help since many sent them inquiries and private messages on Facebook asking about the alleged mermaid.

Resort staff confirmed that they have seen the sea creature many times and clarified that it is not a mermaid, but a dugong (sea cow). The security guard of the resort categorically said the mermaid is not true.

A lifeguard shared that the sea cow goes ashore and appears two to three times a week, between 2 to 4 o'clock in the afternoon. The marine mammal was also caught on video by one of the workers.

However, Jovelyn Balinas, who took the video in a circular cottage at around 2 p.m. on April 22 during a family outing, insisted that what she captured on her cellphone camera was a mermaid.

She claimed that the water where the alleged mermaid swam miraculously healed her grandfather who suffered a stroke.

Here's the full investigative report from Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho: