Mary Jane Veloso's mother an ingrate, say netizens

The mother of Mary Jane Veloso is an ingrate, according to furious netizens who blasted her online for being ungrateful to the President.

Photo: YouTube screengrab

Celia and other members of the Veloso family returned from Indonesia on Friday, May 1, two days after her daughter was spared from execution following a last-minute plea from President Benigno Aquino III.

In a press conference after arrival, she thanked their supporters and the people who introduced them to Migrante International, but aired her grievances against the government and belied Aquino's role in Mary Jane's reprieve.

Aquino responded to her statement during a media interview in Cebu and said his administration did everything to save Mary Jane.

"We did what we could‎. We were not involved in the creation of the problem. You must remember she was arrested, if I am not mistaken, April of 2010," said the President, who assumed office in July that year.

"What more can the government do? From the counsel that were provided, from the intercessions done through with President Widodo, with foreign ministers, through the Attorney General," he told reporters.

Aquino added that the government also provided legal counsels to Mary Jane and brought her family to Indonesia.

Meanwhile, netizens expressed dismay after Celia gave a statement. Here are some of the most notable comments online:

GIVE THE AQUINO GOVERNMENT THE CREDIT IT DESERVESAll of us agree that the government came in late in helping Mary Jane...
Posted by Mark Madrona on Friday, May 1, 2015

Jan-jan Cantere Potestad:

This is the true story of how Pres. Aquino saved the life of Mary Jane Veloso according to officials of the Diplomatic Corps of Indonesia and the Philippines.

Mary Jane Veloso, is sentenced to die by Firing Squad on April 29.

April 27 – ASEAN State heads attended the annual ASEAN Summit held in Malaysia, Pres. Aquino’s priorities are, 1. South China Sea Dispute, 2. Mary Jane Veloso with Pres. Widodo 3. Economic Trade/Pact with ASEAN Nations.

Pres. Aquino requested a meeting with the Indonesian President for Mary Jane Veloso to be given clemency, the meeting lasted only 5 minutes to which Pres. Widodo refused the clemency appeal. Pres. Aquino FAILED.

April 28 – Pres. Aquino is back in the Philippines. With his failure to appeal for Mary Jane Veloso, Pres. Aquino immediately called a top level meeting with officials of the DFA and DOJ as Mary Jane Veloso is due to be executed at midnight in Indonesia.

As concluded in the meeting, the President made a personal call with Pres. Widodo for a final review on Mary Jane Veloso’s case.

8pm Jakarta, Indonesia. Upon the personal call of Pres. Aquino, Pres. Widodo called an emergency cabinet meeting with his top level officials to review the case of Mary Jane.

AT the meeting, Pres. Widodo and his officials have agreed that the execution be continued. No more appeals for they have made similar executions to other nationalities such as Australians, Chinese, and Brazilians which are far more powerful than Indonesia.

Back at Malacanang, all hopes and legal remedies have been exhausted.

9:30 pm Manila, Philippines. DFA made the announcement that Mary Jane Veloso’s fate is now in God’s hands.
(Now, this is the best part of the story)
11 pm Pres. Aquino went to his personal room for some privacy. Now, with all his courage and bravery, he made an emergency call to Pres. Widodo for the last time despite the fact that the Philippine Government has made numerous attempts with numerous refusals from Indonesia and that our relations with Indonesia is in jeopardy specially as we are expecting the support of Indonesia on the West Philippine Sea Dispute.

Everything is at stake.

The call lasted for 15 mins and no one would ever know what transpired in that historic moment.
After the call, Pres. Widodo ordered the cancellation of the execution of Mary Jane Veloso.
While in the Philippines, Filipinos will never appreciate what their President has done despite the fact that President Aquino as a Father to his nation had just begged for the life of Mary Jane Veloso.

Let everyone know the TRUTH, Salute for the President!"


No government official of any nation would listen to any activist group; they consider them trash/garbage, not unless the nation's security is at stake. In this case of Veloso, Indonesian government would not mind executing her as she have been convicted already. More show of rants and dramas would not help. We might wake up one of these days with the news that Mary Jane's execution will precede any day and your migrante and migrant care of Indonesia do not have any protocol to call on Widodo for any reprieve at all.

Let me remind you, Fiesta family, it's all in the government hands now and if in 2 months time the case against Sergio didn't push thru, MJ is doomed and don't expect any help from the government."

Carolyn M:

That's not very smart thing to do to air her vent. Her daughter is NOT out of the woods yet... she is still in prison..anything can happen..chill out Lady!"


What an ingrate ! It just goes to show the breeding of these people. The Indonesians did not execute their daughter in deference to the President's appeal as explained by their Attorney General. The Indonesians now will not feel any remorse when they execute their daughter. As this time, nobody will care."

Ocean Deep:

I pity you Mrs. Celia Veloso. It seems you have a very low IQ. You were manipulated easily. In spite of what P-Noy did, you still blame him. Wala po kayong utang na loob."

SC Kang:

Usually, the President isn't too bright or compassionate, but in this case, he's justified in his comment. The President said, "We did what we could‎. We were not involved in the creation of the problem. You must remember she was arrested, if I am not mistaken, April of 2010." Mary Jane did create her problem and like many in her family can't take responsibility for her stupidity.
Mary Jane's Mother made comments better left not said. She shows the rotten mentality after what the government had done. It would be better to say nothing at all."

What's your take on this?