Married twice, Filipina charged for claiming virginity

A Filipina, who already got married in the Philippines, has been charged for claiming that she was still a virgin prior to marrying a Kuwaiti.

According to Kuwait Times, the state prosecutor in the suburb area of Hawally ordered the filing of forgery charges against the woman. The court may also charge her with polyandry, a form of polygamy whereby a woman takes two or more husbands at the same time.

The Kuwaiti citizen reportedly told police that when they met and had an intimate relationship, the Filipina claimed she was still single.

So despite opposition from his family, he married the woman and they have been living together since 2000, all this time convinced that he was the only man in her life.

But someone told him that his wife has been lying for the past 15 years and that she was married since 1998, two years before their union.

The husband said he personally went to the Philippines and was able to obtain a legal document proving that his Filipina wife is married to another man, according to the report.