Man arrested after touching sleeping woman's leg

A 24-year-old man believed to be a pervert has been arrested recently after he allegedly touched the leg of a woman sleeping inside her room.

The suspect, identified as Juross Cabilin, was nabbed and detained at the Dapitan City Police Station after the incident.

According to the victim, Cabilin entered her room, which is adjacent to a computer shop she owns, without her knowledge.

The woman said she was almost asleep when she felt a cold hand on her thigh. She then realized that the hand was not her husband's.

In an interview with ABS-CBN regional news, Cabilin admitted that he entered the victim's room saying he didn't know what came into his mind.

However, he denied touching the woman's leg and said he only tried to remove the blanket covering it.

Cabilin has been charged with acts of lasciviousness, according to the report.