GROSS: Partygoer turns into party 'pooper'

WARNING: Some may find this disgusting, gross. A woman went to the party apparently with diarrhea. You don't wanna know what happened next.

She unloaded some crap all over the floor!

Nakalibang sa Party. Haha Atay bayhana haha #PartyPaMore

Posted by Lazy Masky on Sunday, May 17, 2015

If you lost your appetite, blame Facebook user Lazy Masky, who posted the sickening images that are currently getting a lot of attention on the social networking site.

Besides going viral, the pictures also sparked an online debate about whether or not a person suffering from loose bowel movement should push through with the plan to attend a party.

It also started a discussion on what action a woman should take if an embarrassing moment like this will happen.

What would you do if you were in her shoe?