Drunk party girl 'molested' by drinking buddies

A drunk party girl was allegedly molested by her drinking buddies at a bar frequented by teens in Bacolod. A photo of the incident is now viral.

According to Social Trends PH, the venue where the reported sexual abuse took place is located along "Lacson Street," the city's tourism and food strip.

No further information was provided, putting the veracity of the image in question... especially that someone tipped us that "it happened in Cebu."

In the picture, a man is seen kissing the private part of the girl while being surrounded by their fellow partygoers. It seems her hands were held tight, although it's hard to determine if there was resistance.

She was obviously outnumbered, but no one can tell if the alleged molestation was against her will.

A second photo shows the same girl smiling while apparently dancing also made rounds on social media. It's unclear if the picture was snapped prior to or after the scandalous scene.

Some netizens claiming to be city residents said that everyone, including the alleged victim, was under the influence of liquor at the time. She was reportedly the only girl in the group.

There has been discussion that the incident could be regarded as "gang rape." However, it isn't safe to assume.

To find the truth, authorities should look into this incident where a drunk party girl was allegedly molested by her drinking buddies in Bacolod.