BEWARE: RC Cola with gasoline being sold at cheap price

Please be aware of a new modus operandi wherein some unscrupulous individuals are selling 1.5-liter RC Cola soft drinks mixed with gasoline.

In a Facebook post, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Tagum City office warned the general public about it saying they have received a complaint from a consumer who was tricked to buy the cola-favored drink.

Photos on their timeline show a portion of the content where the gasoline is very visible.

Allegedly, the unidentified suspect goes house-to-house using a trisikad (local term for cycle rickshaw) and sells the product for P18 only, which is cheaper than the suggested retail price (SRP) of P32.

The DTI advised the public not to buy the contaminated product and to be cautious at all times.

H/T: Pal Raine