Baby tied, fed like puppy rescued from own mom

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has rescued the baby who was shown tied and fed like a puppy in viral Facebook photos.

Pictures of a child being treated like a dog, naked and with a leash around the neck circulated via social media over the weekend. The photos were posted by a certain Ayra de la Cruz Francisco.

On Tuesday, DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman gave instructions for the rescue and temporary custody of the child after receiving a report from DSWD-Field Office in Region 3 that they have located the whereabouts of the mother.

She said the baby will undergo psychosocial assessments while DSWD will evaluate the mother to determine her capacity to take care of her child.

"No one has the right to treat a child like a toy. It is punishable under the law," Soliman said. "Even if it was made in jest, it was done in bad taste. The child does not know that it is just a joke."

The cabinet official said it was "a clear case of child abuse and the perpetrator is liable under the Violence against Women and Children (VAWC) Act and under Republic Act 7610 or the Anti-Child Abuse Law."

Soliman noted that in cases like this, the most important thing is to get the custody of the child, adding that whoever is behind the photo has no right to take care of a child.

Aside from this child abuse case, Soliman also condemned the case of a man hitting his mother in a bus station. The video of the incident has also gone viral online recently.

"It was evident that the video was taken by somebody who was also waiting at the bus station," she said.

The DSWD Secretary said the department is also doing its best to trace those involved in the video so that appropriate action can be done. The perpetrators must realize their responsibilities.

"Again, I appeal to the public to interfere when you witness violence happening. Get involved and help stop violence like what happened to the senior citizen," . If you are afraid, report to a security guard or to a nearby barangay station.”

Soliman also mentioned that Quezon City has Ordinance 2307 or the “Citizen’s Arrest Ordinance of Quezon City” that says ordinary citizens can now arrest criminals and other law breakers.