Asia's Got Talent winner: El Gamma Penumbra

The 2015 Asia's Got Talent winner is El Gamma Penumbra from Philippines. The shadow play group bagged the grand prize of $100,000 (P4.4 Million).

"Filipino shadow play group El Gamma Penumbra has been declared the winner of Asia’s Got Talent, with Filipino opera singer Gerphil Flores coming in a close second," according to a breaking news published on Filipino website The Daily Pedia.

Spoiler alerts have also gone viral and trending in social media sites ahead of the show's airing on AXN on Thursday night, May 14.

Asia's Got Talent reacted and urged the blog site to take its post down.

"Could you please take down your post on El Gamma? Ep10 is airing on AXN at 8pm & we do not want to spoil the experience for the viewers. Thank you!" the show's social media team commented.

It's still unknown if the show will take legal action against the site.


The Daily Pedia's breaking news turned out to be erroneous.

Flores only came in third to Asia's Got Talent Top 2 grand finalists Khusugtun (2nd placer) and El Gamma Penumbra (1st placer).