Woman charged with attempted rape in South Korea

For the first time in the history of South Korea, a woman has been charged with attemped rape after she allegedly tried to sexually assault her ex-boyfriend.

Image credit: myanimelist.net

According to the Central District Prosecutors' Office in Seoul, the 45-year-old woman who is only identified with her surname, Jeon, allegedly drugged her former beau before attempting to carry out her motive.

The suspect reportedly invited him over to her place for a talk after he called it quits last year. Her former boyfriend already got married to another woman when the incident took place.

Jeon was also charged for attacking the man with a blunt instrument as he tried to escape when he woke up from sleep.

Before this rare case, South Korea considered rape charges only for male offenders. In June 2013, however, criminal law against the crime of rape was amended to prosecute both men and women.