WATCH: Geekpriest's reaction to new Star Wars trailer

Watch this video to see the Geekpriest Father Roderick Vonhögen's reaction to the new trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

He wrote in the caption:

"I filmed myself watching the new #StarWars teaser trailer for the first time. I heard that JJ Abrams saw this video and loved it! How cool is that?"

The video already got over 80,000 hits on YouTube since Father Roderick published it Thursday, April 16.

Of course, along with the views are praises to his reaction to the movie trailer even from people who are non-Catholics.

Here are some of the comments:

FilmNerden: "I wish I could be this excited, such pure joy. Like a kid on Christmas. Thanks for sharing."

Mona the Monkey: "A priest that excited about the new Star Wars film? I love it! God bless you, Father. You're my kinda brother in Christ. You almost make me want to switch to Catholicism."

TheShutteredRoom: "Father, I am an atheist, but I wish the true soul you show in your eyes be replicated a million times in all church people."

Paulo Irineu de Souza: "God bless you Fr. Roderick, I almost cry when saw Han Solo and Chewie, it's awesome."

Curiousbear69: "All that and 'Holy Cows' in space. Love it!!! You bring tears of joy to my face . Keep up the good work!"

Omar Santana: "life is good, isnt it? it makes me thank God that we can come together as a community that loves these movies. it means that greater causes can do so much more."

Schjoay Productions: "Your Excitement is infectious!"

The Geekpriest's excitement and facial expressions while watching the latest Star Wars trailer got us carried away. So genuine!