VIRAL: Mayor's face printed on senior citizen ID

A netizen has posted a photo and open letter to a suspended town mayor whose face is printed on the identification cards of senior citizens.

The viral Facebook post of Jasper Dela Cruz, who calls himself "a concerned citizen of Pililla, Rizal" reads:


An open letter to Leandro Masikip (current mayor of Pililla, Rizal, suspended mayor as of now)

Siya na po ang "Ultimate Epal ng Pilipinas." Ibang klase lang ang Epal Level !!! Im just concerned.

Dear Leandro Masikip,

I am an ordinary concerned citizen of Pililla, Rizal. I've been praying and hoping that I would witness the growth and development of our small town but I think I wouldn't see that happen in a long time. I know that you are facing a lot of issues with regards to what happens in that municipality. But those are whole other topics for me to discuss and I might get off topic on that one.

I am here writing to you because you have gone far enough. I'm talking about the Senior Citizen's ID that you issue in our municipality. An ID that contains 2 pictures, a picture of the person who owns it and your picture.

I want to ask you a direct question, do you really know what an ID is?? Let me freshen your memory. Those two letters came from the word IDentification/IDentity. An ID is a small form of document that validates or authenticates an individual's personal identity. So common sense dictates that an ID should bear information of the individual who carries it. It's in the name for heaven's sake. All infos placed on an individual's IDentification card should solely be about that person. An ID should only contain a single picture, and that is the carrier's own photo. Have you seen an individual who has two faces? What would be the purpose of an ID if you'll place two pictures on the card?

It is somewhat disheartening to live in a country where politician's practice a culture of putting/plastering their face & name on each and every possible area they can think of. Please don't shove your faces to us. I think it is appropriate to call politicians "epal" whenever they practice that culture. Can you just greet us every holiday without your face in it? Can you just announce government projects without you smiling in the tarpaulin? Do business permits really have to have your face in it? And an ID?? An ID??? Again, an ID??? Really????? And, really, your picture is much more bigger than the card owner's photo? Congratulations are in order then, 'kayo na po ang Ultimate Epal ng Pilipinas'

Do all senior citizens in Pililla gain another identity when they reach that age? Do they all become Leandro Masikip? Sir Masikip, let me remind you that an ID is not a political poster where you can just easily place your smiling face in. I've known other Pilillans who went on and got their senior citizen ID at our neighboring town. And other senior citizens from Pililla choose not to get discounts on certain establishments just because they are ashamed to present their ID with your face in it.

I know you're living up to your name. 'May pinapasikip ka' while your seating in that position, and that is more worrisome, but please 'Huwag mo naman sana pasikipin din ang ID ng mga senior citizen'. If you please, re-issue IDs without your face in it. And when new senior citizens get their IDs, I hope your face will no longer smile back on them because they are definitely not smiling back.

Ja, a concerned citizen of Pililla, Rizal

P.S. For those who are reading this, visit our town and look for a senior citizen's ID, so that you'll prove that this is not photoshopped, just the part where I protect the identity of the card holder."

PICTURE NG MAYOR NASA SENIOR CITIZEN ID.An open letter to Leandro Masikip (current mayor of Pililla, Rizal, suspended...

Posted by Jasper Dela Cruz on Friday, April 24, 2015

According to a report on Rappler, the Ombudsman slapped mayor Masikip with a 90-day suspension beginning in February and charged him with falsification after he and another government official "made it appear that members of the Sangguniang Bayan of Pililla deliberated upon and passed" a resolution despite the council's non-participation.

This new controversy gave the mayor whose face is printed on the senior citizen ID a double whammy. As of today, Masikip has not given a word regarding the issue.