VIRAL: 'Blonde' holds hands with good-looking guy

This blonde's so lucky. Photos showing a gay person holding hands with a good-looking guy inside what appears to be a train have gone viral.

The couple in the photos are Naparuj Mond Kaendi, creative director and senior booking agent at Bacca Model Management in Bangkok, Thailand, and his German "husband," Thorsten Mid, apparently a model and athlete.

The photos drew attention from Filipino netizens after popular social media personality Senyora SantibaƱez shared these Saturday morning on Facebook.

In just an hour, the pictures got more than 44,000 likes and over 8,700 shares.

Some female commenters and members of the LGBT community, particularly gays, posted expressions of envy towards Naparuj. Others joined in the discussion and uploaded funny memes.

More photos of the lovely couple can be found on the creative director's Instagram account.

Love moves in mysterious ways, doesn't it?