Traveler complains of broken baggage, airline officer's reaction

In a viral Facebook rant posted Sunday night, a female traveler has complained of her broken baggage and what the airline officer told her.

The following is the full text of Karen Cruz Flores' post on April 12 in which she narrated her unpleasant experience at the airport.

It reads:

I'm sure this had happened to some people. I hope you can help me share this post to make myself be heard.

We flew in from Nagoya, Japan last night aboard Cebu Pacific 5J5039 at NAIA Terminal 3. On our way to the conveyor. We stopped and looked at the window to see the portrers [sic] throwing luggages to the carts. We thought, no wonder we have so many dents and scratches on our luggages. Until i saw my own check-in baggage, with not only dents and cracks, but a broken base.

I complained quitely, even peacefully. I thought there's no use to be irate since the staff was corteus [sic] and apologetic. He called his manager for instructions and i was surprised to what he told me. HE SAID CEBU PACIFIC IS NOT LIABLE TO THE DAMAGE SINCE I HAVE SIGNED THE WAIVER ON FRAGILE STICKERS.

Are you kidding me? It says, and i quote: Carrier does not assume liability for minor damages to the exterior of the baggage, including but limited to scratches, nicks, stain, dirt... HELLO, ITS NOT A SCRATCH OR DENT, IT WAS BROKEN.

You might tell me the waiver also says: The carrier shall not be liable for claims for damage to baggage or its contents - but note the next line - RESULTING FROM THE ACT OF OMISSION OF THE PASSENGER, THE CHARACTER OF THE GOODS... Well obviously, i gave my baggage in a prestine condition, so how is it my fault now?

I never post any of my complaints, i think this is the first time even. But I did this because even if i call their hotline, ask for their supervisor, or bombard them with emails, if they say they will not be liable, then nothing for me to do.

It is just unfortunate to be ending a very happy trip with this. And I hope Cebu Pacific can atleast give me a feedback on this incident.

Flores also posted pictures of her broken baggage and the waiver, as follows:

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Have you had a similar experience?