Student posted Facebook warning before committing suicide

A male high school student, believed to be having heavy financial problems, posted a warning on his Facebook account before committing suicide.

"Hey guys I will commit suicide on Wednesday I mean seriously this is true bye guys," the 13-year-old student posted in local dialect on Tuesday afternoon, April 7.

The following day, he was found dead inside their bathroom.

A reliable source who requested anonimity told that the teen "tied himself with an electric cord." This was confirmed in a Facebook post by one of the teachers in his school.

The student encountered a problem—apparently a "clearance issue"—at school, said the source, who got direct information from a relative of the victim.

What's disturbing is that when his laptop was opened, it was found out that the teenager watched a video on YouTube showing a man committing suicide before taking his own life.

The suicide incident took place in Mindanao, Philippines, on April 8.

As of now, we choose not to disclose the real identity and specific address of the person involved.