'Samurai ghost boots' behind girl spotted in viral photo

A photo that shows what netizens described as "samurai ghost boots" spotted behind a girl standing across a samurai graveyard has gone viral.

A certain Obiaruf, who posted the image on Reddit, shared that his friend snapped it in Zushi, Kanagawa prefecture in Japan. The uploader claimed nobody was behind his pal's daughter when the photo was taken.

It was not photoshopped, Obiaruf said, and the samurai ghost boots only appeared in one of five pictures.

The girl's father, Martin Springall, told ABC News that the photo was taken in July last year when his family went to a weekend trip at the beach. They now reside in Toronto, Canada, but lived in Tokyo back then.

When he looked at the pictures that night, Springall said he freaked out when he noticed what appeared to be a pair of boots behind his four-year-old daughter.

During a camping trip in Japan in August, he shared the pictures to a friend, Brian Publicover (Obiaruf), who later posted it on Reddit. After which theories came in.

Some social media users thought that the mysterious boots were the ones worn by World War II navy personnel. One also suggested it was an optical illusion or a real person wearing a light blue denim shirt standing behind the girl, or both.

Others posted comments debunking the belief it were samurai ghost boots, but the girl's dad insisted no digital alteration was done on the photo.

Sources: Reddit, ABC News, Mail Online