Meme girl Ms. Nene gets featured on KMJS [+video]

Ms. Nene, the girl behind the "naisahan ko" viral memes in social media, was featured Sunday on GMA-7's magazine show Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.

Who would have thought that the person whom people treat as stupid, fool, and idiot is a consistent honor student who's taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) major in English?

The Sino si "Nene?" segment on KMJS was a revelation and at the same time vindication for 19-year-old Marielle Anne Villegas, who has become a victim of cyberbullying.

She was even declared "dead" in a fake news article published on a stupid website.

In the interview, the so-called Ms. Nene confirmed that she's the girl in the viral photo. She said the picture was taken in 2010 in Commonwealth, Quezon City and her classmate uploaded it on Facebook after their practice for a theater play.

Marielle Anne, who is currently pregnant, said she did not expect that the stolen shot would spread virally online.

Thanks to the show, netizens who laughed at and bullied Marielle Anne would feel guilt and be ashamed of all they have done to her. This should serve as a wake up call for people who judge others based on their physical appearance, without even knowing the real story of the person they make fun of.

Take for example the administrator of the Ms. Nene Facebook page, who has decided to delete the images after receiving flak. She is expected to take down the entire page soon.

Meanwhile, the hashtag #KMJS10 became one of the top trending topics on Twitter nationwide after the show featured Marielle Anne's story.

Here are some of the most notable tweets about the topic: