Maricar Sebastian speaks up against Mich Liggayu

Jam Sebastian's mother, Maricar, has finally spoken against her deceased son's fiancee, Mich Liggayu, and expressed ill feelings toward her.

In an interview aired Saturday on Startalk, the grieving mom said she wants to see a breakdown of her son's finances now that she already has the right to Jam's earnings from ads placed on the YouTube videos of Jamich.

Pointing out that there's no Jamich without Jam, Maricar said they asked for Jam's share of the earnings but Mich allegedly refused.

The couple were living in one roof.

Maricar said she wished that she didn't have to speak up, but had to because she could no longer bear the treatment she's getting from Mich, who hesitated to give them Jam's belongings.

Mich allegedly took Jam's things, even the aircon's remote control, and the hard drive of their computer. What's left were blankets and pillows as well Jam's hospital bed and wheelchair.

Maricar said she was also angered upon finding out that Mich took Jam's phone from his brother Yexel during the wake to log Jam out of the social media accounts of Jamich. She revealed that Mich makes money from their Facebook fan pages and YouTube channel (through Google's advertising service AdSense).

"Now who's the greedy one between the two of us?" she asked in Filipino.

Maricar also talked about Mich being linked to Neo Domingo, saying the internet sensation stayed out late and has more time with the singer than her son.

Neo and Mich are rumored to be having a relationship, but they haven't admitted it.

Mich has yet to give a word about this new issue.

Here's a video of Maricar's interview with Startalk, followed by the uncut version which is currently circulating on Facebook.

Uncut Startalk Interview ni Ginang Maricar Sebastian to Mich Liggayu
Posted by Matalinong Matsing on Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sources: GMA News, Rappler