Man gets into car accident, 17 girlfriends show up at hospital

A man's playboy persona was unmasked when his seventeen girlfriends visited him at a hospital in China after he got into a car accident.

Photo: Screengrab from Changsha TV

Identified only by his surname, Yuan, the man from Changsa City suffered non-life threatening injuries and was brought to the hospital on March 24 for treatment. His girlfriends, whose ages are between 20 to 40-years-old, showed up at the same time when doctors contacted them, thinking they were his "relatives."

The ladies were shocked to discover that they were all going out with the same man, a Chinese newspaper reported. Initially, majority of the girls whom he met via WeChat were worried and crying when news about the accident broke, but their feelings changed after finding out the bitter truth.

One of Yuan's gilfriend's, identified in reports as Xiao Li, admitted that they've been together for a year and a half. She had set up an online chat group, the members of which are the playboy's "victims," and learned that some of her boyfriend's other girlfriends were supporting him financially on a monthly basis, with one doing it for nine years already.

During their conversations, it was found out that Yuan has a son with a girlfriend named Wang Fang. Another partner, Xiao Ting, also confessed that she already planned for their wedding because she thought he was "Mr. Right."

The deception is not confined to Yuan's romantic relationship with 17 women, whom he allegedly swindled with thousands of money after divorcing his ex-wife and cheated her of 250,000 yuan. It turned out that he was able to trick an engineering firm by gaining employment using a fake civil engineering university degree.

The Chinese playboy is now facing criminal charges for fraud, reports said.

Sources: South China Morning Post,, China Daily