Man accused of killing father, eating his internal organs

The news about a man being accused of killing his own father and eating his internal organs shocked the entire Goa town in Camarines Sur.

Police Officer 1 Richard Capuz, spokesperson of the Goa Municipal Police Office, identified the victim as Eddie Pares Sr.

The 51-year-old automotive repair shop operator/mechanic was found dead in a garbage pit at the back of their residence in Barangay Tomagongtong, Goa at 7 a.m. on April 9.

Capuz said Pares' 16-year-old and youngest son, Eddie Jr., discovered the remains of his father covered with trash. Investigators tagged the victim's oldest son, Ardy, 29, as the one behind the gruesome murder. They believe that the crime was committed around 3 a.m. on Thursday.

Authorities are verifying rumors that Ardy had cooked or eaten his father's internal organs after the municipal health officer discovered during an autopsy that the heart and liver of the victim were missing. There were reports that the suspect cooked adobo for breakfast that same morning his father died.

"The autopsy also showed a long incision on his chest running down to the abdomen," the spokesman disclosed.

According to Capuz, Ardy fled the house after his brother found out what he did to their dad. However, he was arrested early Friday morning in Barangay Baligyan, Presentacion, about 40 kilometers from his hometown.

In an interview in his detention cell at the Goa Municipal Police Office, the suspect did not confirm nor deny that he had cooked or eaten his father's body parts. Instead, Ardy expressed anger saying his father was cruel to him. He said Eddie Sr. doesn't give him money in spite of his work as his helper in the shop.

The suspect was described by his brother as "abot-aboton," a Bicolano term for a person who is sometimes mentally unstable. A day prior to the incident, Eddie Jr. said Ardy was scolded by their father for buying the wrong spare parts.

Sources:, Bandera, Remate