Liquid ecstacy drug laboratory busted (+video)

Two condominium units in Mandaluyong allegedly used as laboratory for the production of illegal drugs were busted early Wednesday morning.

According to a report aired April 15 on ABS-CBN's morning show Umagang Kay Ganda (UKG), operatives of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) found different kinds of illegal drugs and paraphernalia inside the first unit owned by an American identified as Aaron Limon.

Among those confiscated were bottles of liquid ecstacy, which is also called "date rape drug" as anyone under its influence can be raped and won't be able to remember anything upon waking up. The drug can be sold at retail for P10,000 per 100 ml, the report said.

Nobody was around when the authorities arrived at Limon's unit, but it was discovered that the suspect has been importing solvent chemicals from Poland.

In the second unit owned by a certain Dennis Thicke Jr., NBI operatives found his wife and their 4-month-old baby, as well as a Nigerian who was still high on drugs.

Thicke's wife admitted that they used drugs in the past. It was also revealed that his husband comes from a family of bigtime drug peddlers, with the patriarch being a leader of an international drug syndicate, the report said.

An investigation to determine the extent of the production and sale of liquid drugs in the country is reportedly underway.