Is this cat going up or down the stairs?

Forget about the dress, we know it's blue and black. Here's something that no one has figured out yet: Is this cat going up or down the stairs?

Thanks to 9GAG, the question about where the cat is going has sparked a debate among netizens from all corners of the world.

People online are arguing about the design of the stairs, the lighting and the concrete pavement of the building, and even the position of the cat's body and tail.

YouTube user Jorge Rodriguez says the cat appears to be going up. "At the bottom of the staircase appears to be a floor. That 'concrete-like build up' on the sides of the ledge is perpendicular to the top of the stairs," he said.

"What kind of architect who design the stairs which can make pple (sic) stumble. It must be downside," one Indra Rahmadhani argued. "Trust me, I'm an engineer."

"Look at the cat's tail — it's facing upwards, or the opposite of the direction it's moving in. If the cat were to go up the stairs, it's tail would point downwards," another commenter said.

Facebook user arceldizon said, "some staircases have that on reverse just to maximize friction, especially if its concrete stairs. the cat is actually going up, and the square white part is the floor not a wall. why the heck would someone build a staircase leading to a wall."

But zupachoppa told him: "Actually there's a staircase leading upwards towards the left side of the picture. This is a big staircase with multiple levels by the looks of it. The cat is walking DOWN."

If you are to be asked, is the cat going up or down the stairs? Don't worry, you don't have to be an engineer or architect to come up with an answer.

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