GRAPHIC: Photo shows cyclist crushed by jeepney

Warning: This is a graphic photo showing a cyclist whose body was crushed between a huge tree and a jeepney with an Antipolo-Cubao route.

The disturbing image, which was posted Tuesday on Facebook by Nathan Buenconsejo, has gone viral today.

There were no details as to the identities of the cyclist and driver. The date as well as exact location of the incident are also unknown.

Based on the uploader's post, it appears that the passenger jeepney was moving backwards when it hit the bicycle rider. As you can see, the cyclist was wearing a helmet and other safety gears, but road accidents like this cannot be avoided.

Any judgment at a time when we do not know the whole story is inappropriate. In this case, however, one can tell that there was negligence on the part of the jeepney driver.

In a comment, netizen Patrick Tan posted some tips to "minimize the chances" of this happening to cyclists, as follows:

1) Hold your space in the lane-- always make sure if someone cuts you from right or left, there is some space to move away

2) Ride as if you are invisible 00 make believe no driver can see you

3) Look as far ahead on the road as possible and anticipate the moves of the other drivers

4) Ride a predictable line -- so you dont surprise the drivers around you

5) be very conservative, but at the same time aggressive enough so the passing traffic is no more than 20% faster than you

6) ride with blinking headlights turned on night and day

7) the best horn is your scream-- scream or shout if you have to-- its faster and more effective than using horns or bells

Other commenters called on concerned government agencies to implement stringent measures to protect those on the road against abusive motorists and drivers of public utility vehicles.