Girl falls to death in mall while mother is texting (video)

A CCTV video captured a 6-year-old Malaysian girl falling to death near the escalator of a shopping mall while her mother is busy texting.

In the minute-long footage, Nurhayada Sofia Musa can be seen playing with the handrail with her sister while her mother is fiddling with her phone.

It appears that she got dragged and fell from the second floor through the gap between the balustrade and the escalator.

The fatal in­cident took place in the Kenanga Wholesale City Mall at about 3 p.m last Friday, April 3, reports.

A police investigation to determine whether or not there was negligence on the part of the victim's mom is underway. Mall management declined to comment on the issue until the probe is complete.

The girl's death after falling from the escalator sparked outrage among Malaysian netizens, some of whom condemned the mother for keeping herself busy on the phone instead of taking care of her child.

Authorities reportedly urged everyone to refrain from making speculations.