VIRAL: 'Fetuses found in China noodle soup restaurant'

A photo of fetuses allegedly found by police in a noodle soup restaurant in China, which makes netizens throw up, has gone viral on Facebook.

The photo uploaded on April 14 appears to be new, authentic, and is different from the ones that surfaced online in previous years. As of 12 noon today, it already got 2,342 likes and 21,451 shares.

Although specific details were scarce, the uploader said the dead babies were sold in the Chinese establishment like fish.

In the picture, the fetuses were placed on a table while three persons can be seen in the background. One of them is wearing a white hand glove and presumed to be the vendor.

Some commenters speculate that the fetuses came from mothers who resorted to abortion to avoid getting penalized for violating China's one-child policy which prohibits families to have two or more children except if the first child is a girl.

Sex-selected abortion is illegal in China, but the US State Department, Parliament of the United Kingdom, and the human rights organization Amnesty International have all declared that China's family planning programs contribute to infant homicide (infanticide)—described by the UK's Infanticide Act 1938 as the "intentional killing of children under the age of 12 months."

It's not clear if the fetuses allegedly being sold in a Chinese noodle soup restaurant were victims of infanticide, but several stories claim they were aborted by pregnant Chinese women for fear that authorities would arrest them.

Previous accounts from internet users said a special "soup number 5," the main ingredient of which is a whole fetus, tastes delicious and is considered an aphrodisiac or food that increases sexual desire.

That is disgusting and inhumane, isn't it?