Depressed Mich Liggayu feels weak, helpless

Controversial internet star Mich Liggayu posted via social media Tuesday an emotional message saying she's depressed, feeling weak and helpless.

Her revelation came after Maricar Sebastian, mother of her late fiance Jam who died in March due to lung cancer, claimed that Mich is keeping for herself all the earnings from the Facebook fan page and ads displayed on the YouTube channel of Jamich.

Mrs. Sebastian also alleged that Mich took Jam's belongings including the remote control of the airconditioning unit at the house where the couple once lived in.

Besides that, the Sebastian matriarch said she believes that Mich is in a relationship with newbie singer Neo Domingo, who himself denied rumors that he and the YouTube sensation are dating.

In her April 21 Facebook post, Mich admitted that she's in pain, but optimistic that it will be over one day.

Screenshot from Facebook

In a comment, her dad Christopher Joseph assured Mich that the family is behind her.

"Ask God for strength if you feel weak anak, ask God for guidance if you feel helpless and remember that God gave you to us anak so don't say you are Nothing," he posted. "You mean a lot to us. We love you so much."

Screenshot from Facebook