Scooter crash hurts child: Accident or negligence?

A video of a scooter crash involving a child sparked an online debate whether it was purely accidental or negligence on the driver's part.

The 19-second clip posted by The Logical Indian on April 21st has now garnered over 1.5 million views on Facebook and hundreds of thousands more on YouTube.

The viral video came with the following reminder:

Be careful with your children!! Sometime [sic] we just leave kids with started bike or car, and kids being imitative and curious tend to play with it. So please do take care of small measures like turning off the engine."

In the CCTV footage, a little girl who was left unattended hops onto an idling scooter with its motor engine running. What happens next is terrifying.

Watch this:

No details were provided as to when and where the scooter crash took place.

Apart from getting hurt when she landed on the concrete pavement, the girl was nearly bitten by a dog. Good thing the driver was quick enough to rescue her.

Whether the driver left for a quick talk with someone on the roadside or buy something at a nearby store, he should have turned his vehicle off. For one, someone could have stolen it.

Do you think the scooter crash that hurt the child was an accident or caused by driver's negligence?