Balesin yaya meal: Daing na bangus, rice and egg?

The Balesin yaya meal includes daing na bangus, rice and fried egg contrary to reports that chicken or pork adobo with rice comprise the menu.

This is based on the photo posted Tuesday by sexy comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto on Instagram. In the caption, she thanked the high-end resort for the delicious food they served to her for brunch.

The so-called Balesin yaya meal became controversial after fashion designer-model Maggie Wilson-Consunji brought up the issue via social media.

In a series of posts on Facebook, she revealed that yaya meals are offered to household helps of guests at Balesin.

Consunji said she got disappointed when the staff denied her mother to order the same food as her son's nanny.

The Balesin yaya meal scandal sparked outrage online as angry netizens called on concerned government agencies to investigate what they called the "discrimination" in occupation.

In a statement posted on the resort's Facebook page, Balesin Island Club chief executive officer and island director Mike Asperin said "any talk of discrimination is inappropriate."

The business executive clarified that Balesin will gladly serve tenderloin steak and lobster thermidor to a yaya if that is what their guest or member wants. "We do not serve this meal if there is no instruction at all from the guest," he noted.

Asperin claimed "yayas are thrilled with their meals because these are deliciously prepared by our chefs."

* * *

Well, there's no problem actually if the controversial Balesin yaya meal includes daing na bangus, rice and fried egg. But, obviously, Rufa Mae was just kidding.