American comedienne finds two-way mirror in bar [+video]

American comedienne Tamale Rocks found a two-way mirror inside a bar she was performing in and posted online a video of her strange discovery.

Rocks was performing that night and was intrigued to see a mirror right across the women’s restroom in a bar in Chicago and went to investigate further.

She proceeded to open the door to find a stockroom, but was surprised to know that the door’s backside was cutout to reveal a two-way mirror. The video posted April 26 already gained more than two million views and counting.

Cigars and Stripes, the bar which specializes in Halloween theme in the bar, has said to have installed the mirror since 2001.

In the description on her Youtube post, Rocks explained why she has chosen to expose the 2-way mirror to the public.

“In this case, there was a cleaning closet behind a door with a large cutout, AND A TWO-WAY MIRROR allowing an unobstructed view of the toilet. There was no one in there at the time of discovery- thankfully. And there could have been. And maybe there has been. And maybe they were watching, or maybe more. Maybe there have been videos. Videos that women have no idea they are in and now are floating around without their knowledge... or consent. Maybe.”

She further adds:

“THAT. IS. UNACCEPTABLE. What if you sister, wife, or mother had been using that bathroom? When I think of it in those terms, I suddenly shed the fear that is so loud and become angry. Why I'm slow to do that for myself, I'm realizing, is also indicative of the impact of rape culture. So I took a stand and posted the video.”

The bar’s owner, Ronnie Lotz, has been quoted by as saying:

“It’s old news; the door is open; it’s for Halloween. We used to hang a witch’s head in there so that the girls would pee, and they’d look into a dingy closet and be all weirded out. We specialize in making people feel very uncomfortable. It’s why we’re successful today. If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, stay home.”

Privacy should always be afforded to those who use the restroom in any business establishment anywhere in the world.

Ladies should always remain conscious and vigilant of their surroundings. Who knows, there might be a similar type of mirror lurking somewhere in a bar here in the Philippines.