Taxi driver uses cellphone at the wheel, calls passenger arrogant

A taxi driver has been caught on video using his cellphone at the wheel and calling his passenger arrogant while engaging in a lovers quarrel.

The video, posted Saturday on the Facebook page of Davao City's Public Safety and Security CC/911/TMC Support Group by a certain Anne Malate, shows the taxi driver fuming mad as he gets into a verbal confrontation with the person on the other end.

Speaking in vernacular, the angry driver mentioned at 2:44 that he cannot reply to texts if his passenger is "arrogant."

The relationship between the driver and the person he was talking to is unclear, but some netizens speculate that if she's not his wife, certainly she's his mistress (or girlfriend, in case he's still single).

But that's none of our business. It's his dangerous act of using a mobile phone while driving that should concern us.

The passenger did not mention in the caption that she was able to get the taxi driver's identity nor the plate number of the vehicle for hire — details that are vital for any formal complaint to be filed at the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

Have you had a similar experience?