Neomich: Did Neo really give Mich a teddy bear?

Recently, popular gossip blog Fashion Pulis posted that newbie singer Neo Domingo gave Mich Liggayu, Jam Sebastian's ex-fiancee, a teddy bear.

Is there truth to it?

A quick search revealed that the stuffed toy is owned by Tintin Danao, a staunch supporter of Jamich and avid fan of Neo, and the pictures that were posted on FP's blog were sourced from her photo album.

She named the teddy bear "Fifi."

We dug up a little bit and found out that Tintin gained bashers on Facebook lately after rumors that Neo and Mich are dating circulated on social media.

Since two days ago, her timeline has been flooded with posts from netizens asking about the real score between Neo and Mich, as well as screenshots of meaningful messages apparently coming from Neo.

Screenshot from Facebook

Screenshot from Facebook

Screen-cap from Facebook

She has not responded to the comments so far.

Neo, meanwhile, has been busy with his guestings ang gigs and seems unfazed with all the buzz on social media.

On the other hand, Mich has been inactive on Facebook since March 16. Maybe, she was busy preparing for her 24th birthday celebration last Tuesday, March 17.

While both Neo and Mich (Neomich) are silent on the latest issues about them, netizens continue to speculate.